My Celebration Gift

If you guessed limo you were right!! I didn’t hesitate one bit I hoped online seen an ad running for and booked my limo. My fiancé & my girls came out with me and we just road around discussing the future, laughing about old times, and owning the new memories we will create. It was an exciting night. The limo was very clean and the chauffeur was great he… Read Article →

My Limo Speech

If you’re curious of what I’m talking about when I say “my limo speech” you might want to check out My Celebration Gift before continuing… The Speech I Was In Bliss For…

What Went Down On The Call

Once we got on the call I was super excited because I definitely saw the potential and didn’t care HOW much it cost I was getting in no matter what I had to do!!! So we (the guy I was talking to he was someone from the group) got to know each other a little and then we started getting into the meat and potatoes of the why I really… Read Article →

My Next Move

My next move was a better move! I decided to get out of internet marketing. It was to competitive for me and I just felt I didn’t have a chance with the mentor I had because he was just as lost as I was. I was pretty much like I was taking advice from someone that didn’t know much more in the space then I did and he couldn’t go… Read Article →

This Is Where It All Started

(The sound of that annoying bell in the morning) Sitting in class thinking to myself, this school year is almost over! What direction am I going to guide my life in? I was extremely lost but I knew whatever I did I wanted to be rich and I know working for someone else in a corporate job wasn’t going to get me there. Few Weeks Fly By… Next thing I… Read Article →

Welcome to my new website

Hey everyone, Welcome to my new website called Freedoms Cost. I just wanted to say “Hey.” My name is Hanna I’m a Virginia Beach entrepreneur. You can read a little about me here. I wanted launch this blog to show everyone how I’m going  from being “stuck” at the bottom to making my way to the top & showing you what “Freedom Cost.” While I take you on this journey… Read Article →